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Atatrans Samsun Port


Rental Services

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We provide bonded warehouse rental, warehouse rental, lashing and unlashing, loading and unloading and port terminal and logistics services.

(Samsun) AtaTrans
Logistics and Warehouse Rental Services

Our Main Services...

Port Services

General Cargo Ship Loading, Unloading and Stevedoring Services

Forwarding Services

Lashing / UnlashIng Services

Hazardous Substance and Food Oil

Product Packaging Services

Port Terminal Services

Warehouse Rental Services

National Warehouse Rental Services

Bulk and Pallet Storage Services

Port Inspection Control Services

International Road Transport Partial Transport

Domestic Road Transport Services

100% Customer Satisfaction

As a result, our Samsun-based company responds to all your logistics needs. As AtaTrans Logistics, we offer suitable and moreover optimum solutions in Samsun and other ports. We provide 24/7 service with our equipment and team. And we produce end-to-end solutions.

As a result, always targeted customer satisfaction expectation and rational pricing are the first and most important principles of Atatrans.

Port Terminal Services

These services include primarily ship loading and unloading, container storage and management, quay operations, shipping and customs clearance, security and logistics. Terminal services ensure the effective management of major cargoes and moreover, assist in the successful management of logistics processes. Because these services are a very important part of the logistics business.

Samsun Yeşilyurt Limanı Kiralık Depo ve Lojistik Hizmetleri

Our Corporate Solutions

In addition, AtaTrans Logistics has the ability to handle, pack and store according to different product types (bulk, general cargo, project cargo, container).

Handling is carried out with the appropriate equipment selected depending on the nature of the load, and also for heavy and non-standard loads, it performs undamaged and trouble-free operations with the specially developed operation plan.

Company Profile

AtaTrans; always acts in accordance with national and international legislation and legal regulations in order to ensure the continuity of quality, environment, occupational health and safety management systems. As a result, with the measures taken, it is aimed to provide safe working environments for its employees by minimizing the risk of work accidents, and to provide sustainable, safe and high quality service for the ports, customers and business partners served. It is the indispensable common duty of AtaTrans managers and employees to act in accordance with this policy and to contribute at the same time.

Samsun Lojsitik Kiralık Depolar - SLC Liman
Samsun Liman Milli Gümrüklü Depo ve Antrepo Fiyatları
Kiralık Depo Hizmetleri Samsun Liman Terminal ve lojistik Hizm.
Yurtdışı'na Liman ve Lojistik Hizmetleri Samsun Limanı

Our New Facility is at your Service

In our facility located in Samsun, built on 32.178 M2, it is possible to store hazardous substances and oil derivatives in our facility, unloading from the ship to the facility, loading operations from the facility to the ship, and storing hazardous substances with a capacity of 30.000 M3 in type A warehouse status. In addition, 5000 m3 national status oil storage and 10 LPG storage tanks with a volume of 210 M3 each are available.

0 m2
Warehouses suitable for temporary storage status of 10 thousand square meters in the port
0 m2
Warehouse bonded warehouses consisting of 30 thousand square meters of silos and horizontal warehouses in the port
0 m2
Warehouse of 10 thousand square meters outside the port
0 m2
30 thousand m2 national warehouse outside the port