AtaTrans, with its deep-rooted experience in the sector and its expert operational power, stacks products (bulk, mining, block marble, iron and steel products, bales, parcels, big bags, rolls, bundles of sheet metal, etc.) in both national and bonded warehouses in specially designated areas. and according to the demands of the customers, safe and fast internal loading of the containers is carried out with the appropriate equipment and expert staff. In addition, cargo lashing and fixing, national and bonded warehouse management, land and sea transportation, warehouse rental, A-type warehouse rental, storage, port services, labor services, packaging, bulk product storage, national warehouse rental.
In addition, if requested, stuffing, unloading and lashing services are provided at the factory sites of the customers.
Weighings are made on calibrated scales, and the relevant tonnage/vehicle information is instantly reported to the customers.
Evisceration operations are carried out with the same meticulousness, and necessary actions are taken in a way that best suits customer needs and keeps customer satisfaction at the highest level.


Lashing (tying, fixing) system is one of the most important elements that ensure transportation safety. Customer loads coming to our sites; Their placement in vehicles, containers and special equipment containers is planned according to road conditions (land, sea, air) and the sensitivity of the materials. Again, according to the property, type and sensitivity of the goods, fixation is carried out by our expert staff in accordance with international lashing standards, with wedges, shackles, air cushions, strapping systems, shrink and crate methods. In addition, all these services are provided at customer facilities and/or ports, even for ship loading.


Empty and full container transportations of the container operations carried out in our warehouses with the fleets of the transport companies we have contracted with are offered to our customers within our package service.
In addition, instant pricing can be made for the transportation of general, load, project load, container, etc. products from factories / warehouses / facilities throughout Turkey to any desired point, and transportation vehicles can be provided in suitable sizes and quantities.

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